Wiring Devices


We can consider all the electric devices such as switches, outlets, thermostats, control commanders, audio systems, lighting, etc as an integrated system in your home/any environment you are in.

With all the mentioned categories, we provide more than 12000 products in a great range of variety, considering your budget and design taste. All these pieces come together as one main system with Vimar’s wiring devices that can be set intelligent or just classic system.

Furthermore, we can offer you some extra features like USB chargers, signal transmission sockets such as HDMI, emergency lights, decorative speakers. Overall, these products have the opportunity to have natural frames, such as stone, metal, leather, wood crystal, mirror, processed metal, and techno-polymer in different colors and designs. All these frames have the option of customizing by your logo without extra purchasing.

For more info, you can check our brochures in this section. Our contact information is mentioned at the bottom of this page, in our contact area, that can help you find your own best choice by guiding our expert engineers.